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name: bernardino lópez villa

name: bernardino lópez villa

street & number: 820b head st. albertville, al

zip code: 35950

city, country: albertville,al

phone: (256)840-2765 / office (256)878-3600



2 years in a telecommunications network structured cabling system (eia7tia568 standard), fiber & wireless. (pbx-definity at&t, cisco routers, lan/wan networks & videoconferencing (cli radiance) as network supervisor & design

2 years cisco lan/wan second level support (lan=catalyst 5000/wan=cisco routers 7500), monitoring tools hpopenview, cisco works for switched internetworks, sniffer protocol analyser & troubleshooting.

1 years nt server administration, microsoft sql server management, programming asp "active server pages",

3 years linux it manager web server administrator, dns & mail server, perl & cgi, php/mysql programming, advanced scripting skills.

my first open source program: (network monitor program based on tcp/ip sockets - appear linux-journal-feb,2001-pg.32)

cisco pix firewall administration & web sense reporting for internet filtering.

experience / accomplishments

jul99 - now:

lan/internet security admin.

company : progress rail services

responsibilities : internet security admin vpn, redhat linux-php-mysql.

cisco pix firewall administration

linux network admin (dns, intranet, internet log reporting)

mysql & php pogramming

web design.

starting java & python

tools : gnu tools

skills acquired : web based tools programming for the pix database log.

jul98 - jul99:

position: systems engineer.

company : grupo fyl s.a. de c.v. (progressrail services méxico)

responsibilities : nt administrator, frame relay network implementation (mty-nl-mex)

setup the company domain, mail server & dns.

asp programming with m-sql database available true the www.

intranet application to provide inventories update.

project to complete phone calls true internet (tcp/ip pbx integration)

tools : nt server,m-sql,linux server & tcp/ip

skills acquired : nt administrator tips.

e1 interface in chanalized cisco 3600

nic domain request & sub-domain management.

dns (domain name server configuration)

asp advance programming with environment variables.

jan97 - jul98

position: networking engineer

company : avantel. (mci & banamex)

responsibilities : voice center network lan switching administrator

network analysis & monitoring hpopenview,cwsi & nt netmonitor.

linux notify & pager reporting - perl, cgi & shell scripting.

asp programming with m-sql server for recall project

cisco wan support for méxico-monterrey & omaha.

support to wan (cisco) mex-mty-omaha,ne

tools : nt server,m-sql,linux server & tcp/ip

perl, cgi, vbscripting

skills acquired: snmp for traffic report

perl programming for automatic notify

multiprotocol data transmission specialist with cisco & troubleshooting

jan95 - jan97

position: supervisor

company : communications & computing direction (ipn national polytechnic institute)

responsibilities :

support to 40 buildings for voice & data transmission

structured cabling systems design (at&t systimax standard)

videoconferencing fiber path setup between buildings.

provide connectivity to customers (ethernet/token ring)

configure pbx features for extensions.

tools : fiber voice & data tool kit (for hardware connectors).

terranova (definity application for remote configuration)

skills acquired: use of remedy ars for help desk flow control

at&t systimax standard for telecommunication networks

cisco hardware installation routers 7xxx & 4xxx

hp openview & cwsi for sun solaris

vm ibm mainframe client applications.


1987 - 1990 bachelor´s degree centro de bachillerato tecnológico industrial y de servicios #203

specialty in electronics. (3 years ) toluca, méxico.

1990 - 1994 college

national polytechnic institute e.s.i.m.e engineering on communications & electronics finish grade

( 4 years & half) méxico. d.f. tesis "atm & broadband networks"

courses: september 1995 certificate the pds-sistymax at&t course ( 46 hours )

december 1995 certifícate the satellite at&t course ( 46 hours )

february 1997 avantel - cisco icrc (ccco. dallas tx)

may 1997 avantel - sniffer protocol analyzer seminar (mty-city)

jun 1997 avantel - cisco troubleshotting (mx - city)

technical skills

hardware: pcs dec-alpha (13 years), macintosh (7 years) .

operating systems: dos, windows 3.x, windows nt 4.0 (5 years), sco unix (3 years), linux (two months).

programming languages: c, perl, php, mysql, bash/shell scripts.

other: xwindows (open look, motif); tcp/ip (3 months), client/server platforms (2 years).


operating systems: ms.dos ver. 6.2.,windows 3.x. (6 years)

unix, redhat linux (5 years), sun-solaris, hpux, aix (2 years)

programming languages: perl, cgi, asp, java & vbscripting (2 years), html (5 years)

other: tcp/ip (5 years ), snmp (3 years), smtp & pop3 (2 years)

microsoft office 97 (6 years), remedy ars (2 years)

hp-openview, cwsi. (3 years)

languages and percentages

spanish 100%

fluent in english 100%

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